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3 divisions, one ultimate goal :
MÉCANUMÉRIC : the conquest of new markets in the Baltics

Following its successfull participation in the Balttechnika exhibition held in Lithuania last May, MÉCANUMÉRIC continues to pursue its offensive in the Baltic states and will participate to Tech Industry in Latvia from 30 November to 02 December 2017.


MÉCANUMÉRIC is constantly innovating in its three activity sectors :
Industry, Dental and Education.
New products, new options, new partnerships… discover all the latest novelties in the last weeks.


An improved usability thanks to the soundproofing box


To help its customers improve the working conditions of their operators, MÉCANUMÉRIC now offers a new option meant to reduce the noise generated by the pumps fitted on the MECAPRO machines.





MÉCANUMÉRIC and SID Dental : 2 expertises dedicated to dental prostheses laboratories

MÉCANUMÉRIC, the main french producer of milling machines with numerical control for the dental sector and SID Dental, a major actor in the distribution of materials and equipment for the dental prothetists, just signed a partnership agreement ...


LABJET : Efficiency and accuracy of the water jet for the
« makers »


The LABJET is the machine offering industrial performances and affordable budget for the FABLABS, the prototyping sector and the world of education. Compact and easy to use, this machine combines accuracy, power and safety.



Realization of aluminium colour charts

Using a MECAPRO 3020 with double head for high quality cutting, high productivity (replacing cutting with the punching machine) and without tool cost for the realization of aluminium and polymer colour charts at FIN’ TECH Industrie in Albi.


The French Fab at the core of the last BIG

The 3rd edition of Bpifrance Inno Génération took place on last Thursday, October 12 at AccorHôtels Arena in Paris.

Opportunity was given to highlight the French Fab : the french industrial movement, a company providing innovation, investment and international expansion.

Arthur PAIS, President of  MÉCANUMÉRIC, is proud to be a member of the French Fab. He took part in the discussions to display the attractiveness of the Occitania region : quality of life, quality of education, proximity of the Toulouse metropolis and the transport main axes… are major advantages at the disposal of the small and medium size companies in the region to build the industrial world of tomorrow.

Find the full video here.



MÉCANUMÉRIC’s precision machining  for the jewellery sector

The desire to produce high performing machines combined with a quality customers’ service makes MÉCANUMÉRIC a first rate partner for the jewellery industry.


The DMC range is particularly adapted to the sector because of its accuracy, its compact and enclosed format which enables the machining of noble materials such as gold and silver : the designs and the cuts are neat, and the chips can be easily collected, remelted and reused.


First NEOJET for Atelier FMDB

The ironwork and metalwork shop, composed of Delphine and Sébastien DUHEM, has just acquired its first water jet cutting machine.


Convinced that the key to success lies in a human-size company, paying attention to customers’ needs and able to offer customized products (values also shared by MÉCANUMÉRIC), the couple has chosen to purchase the NEOJET.


MÉCANUMÉRIC was able to meet the requirements of the workshop by offering a performant and accurate machine for the cutting and the machining of the metals necessary to realize gates, stairs, canopies, grids ... within a controlled budget in line with the economic reality of the small company.


The NEOJET, the first water jet cutting machine for small budgets without compromising quality, is now completing the equipment range proposed by MÉCANUMÉRIC.


MÉCANUMÉRIC on the onslaught of the FABLABS

FABLABS, is the contraction of LABoratoire de FABrication (manufacturing laboratory) : a place where somebody can come and experiment, learn and prototype any kind of object.


MÉCANUMÉRIC makes the use of innovating CNC material for the FABLABS available thanks to a compact, easy to use, affordable and performant product range. 


Very soon, MÉCANUMÉRIC will propose a package offer for the  «makers» : this pack will include a laser machine, a water jet cutting machine, a 3D printer, a lathe and a milling machine specially designed for FABLABS requirements.


Sébastien LUCAS - Novertec
(owns two MECAPRO 3015 and one MECAPLUS 4121)


"We have several MÉCANUMÉRIC machines because they are constructed in stable and robust design. The personnel is competent and the human relationships are very pleasant. MÉCANUMÉRIC belongs to companies reminding us that France knows how to make good products. It is a partner in our development, which makes the difference with other manufacturers. "

Alexandra LEMAITRE - Société FIN'TECH Industrie

(owns one MECAPRO 3020)


"We called upon MÉCANUMÉRIC’s services for the realization of a cutting process of painted aluminium sheet plates. They helped us finding the best process, the most appropriate tools for our needs, with the best productivity. The stated delivery date has been fulfilled and the training of the production teams was simple and went fast. We are now equipped with a performing tool fully complying with our requirements.

Many thanks to the whole MECANUMERIC team!"




On-going recruitments :

> An Export Sales-Engineer based in Albi   

> A R&D manager based in Albi

> A technician France / Export             
> A Sales Manager for Baltic countries

> A technician for Baltic countries
> A Salesman for Central Europe
> A technician for Central Europe         



BLECH EXPO – Stuttgart

07-10 november 2017

Booth 5402



15-17 november 2017

Booth J 17



28 november-02 december 2017



30 november-02 december 2017

Hall 2 Booth B11

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