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3 divisions, one ultimate goal :
MÉCANUMÉRIC is continuing its development plan

After reorganizing its capital structure in 2016, the company is advancing on its next project : the relocating of its head office and production activities on the area Eco2Rieumas at Marssac-sur-Tarn. 


MÉCANUMÉRIC is constantly innovating in its three activity sectors :
Industry, Dental and Education.
New products, new options, new partnerships… discover all the latest novelties in the last weeks.


Adaptive suction nose for MÉCANUMÉRIC milling machines




MÉCANUMÉRIC engineers and technicians teams have designed a new automatic system to keep a constant position between the suction nose and the material. 





Compact technical desk for CHARLYDENTAL machines




MÉCANUMÉRIC offers its new technical desk, specially designed for the compact CHARLYDENTAL machines for dental prosthetists.






The LABJET has been officially presented on the EDUCATEC-EDUCATICE exhibition


MÉCANUMÉRIC presented its new water jet cutting machine during the 2017 edition of the exhibition, on the 15,16 and 17 November in Paris.





Our multifunction heads

for knife cutting and grooving

Discover our multifunction heads, available in option on our milling machines, allowing the addition of blades for cutting or wheels for grooving of various light materials : adhesive, cardboard, plastics, rubber, foam, rockwool…


Opening of a new subsidiary in the coming weeks

MÉCANUMÉRIC finalizes the necessary procedures for the opening of its next subsidiary in the Baltic countries. This action being part of its development plan initiated in 2016.


A first technician with more than 10 years’ experience in CNC machines has just been recruited . He will start his internal training in a few days in the Albi premises of the company. He will be in charge of the installation, training and technical service for MÉCANUMÉRIC equipment in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.


The recruitment of a sales manager is also underway and will strengthen these subsidiary teams and develop the potential for sales on this area.


A very positive result after the BLECHEXPO exhibition

MÉCANUMÉRIC enhances its positioning on the water jet cutting technologies with the presentation of the new MECAJET II on the BLECHEXPO exhibition held in Stuttgart from 07 to 10 November.


The company took part for the first time in this exhibition. Dedicated to sheet metal processing, it attracted nearly 40 000 professional visitors from 116 different countries during these 4 days.


MÉCANUMÉRIC took this opportunity to reaffirm its expertise in the very high pressure water jet cutting : the MECAJET II was the only machine fitted with a 6000 bars pump exhibited on the fair !


This first participation has been successful since the company established many qualitative contacts and the commercial teams have already started to work to better meet the expressed needs.

BPI France chose MÉCANUMÉRIC for its program « Accélérateur PME » (SME Accelerator)

MÉCANUMÉRIC has just been selected to integrate the 4th promotion of the « Accélérateur PME » (SME accelerator) program by BPI France. A growing recognition for the company (one of the only two companies in Occitania) which have been chosen to be ranked among the 60 SME which will participate to this program.


MÉCANUMÉRIC will receive assistance from BPI France during 24 months in order to identify and activate the growth levers which will help the company to achieve its objectives in the next years.


The CHARLYROBOT 2U serving the students’ creativity of ESACM « Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont-Ferrand ».

The ESACM ]ProtoLab (Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole) has recently purchased a CHARLYROBOT 2U CNC milling machine to MÉCANUMÉRIC with multiple options : 4th axis, suction unit, CAD-CAM CharlyGraal software, MAYKA software 4 axes…


Open to art students in 2013 and then to the public outside the school in January 2015, the ]ProtoLab[ is today the first Fablab in France dedicated to digital art. Already equipped with a 3D printer, a laser machine and a numerical embroidery machine, the Fablab offer the possibility to produce many artworks : floral canvases on which poems have been embroidered, wax casting thanks to 3D printing, laser engraving on volcanic rocks, creation of a board game…


The CHARLYROBOT 2U will be soon installed and will enable the Art-Students to realize wood carvings or carvings on various plastics, prototyping, machining on materials such as polystyrene…


Stéphane LE MOAL - Laboratoire Biodenthèse
(owns six CHARLYDENTAL machines : two
 4X, two CD04 and two CD05)


"During our first purchase in July 2012, we wanted to choose a French manufacturer, for reasons of convictions, and also for reasons of proximity and After-Sales Service. After five years, we are now owning 6 CHARLYDENTAL  machines designed by MÉCANUMÉRIC (two 4XV2, two CD04S and two CD05S). This confirmed our choices and made us confident. Besides, we would like to acknowledge the ability and the reactivity of Samuel and Marie-Dominique in the Customers Service."

Jean-Marie BUIGNET - 3C Technologies

(owns a CHARLYROBOT CPR 3020 and a MECAPRO 3020)


"We used our first MÉCANUMÉRIC machine during nearly 10 years, without any major problem. This experience gave us the opportunity to appreciate the longevity of the mechanisms and the good performance of the machine over time. It is therefore quite natural that we renewed our confidence in MÉCANUMÉRIC, a company we appreciate for the technical and commercial support, the reactivity, the high-performance After-Sales Service, the adaptablitiy to the customers needs (machining of carbon parts as far as we are concerned, for example) and the relevant choice of driving the data-processing means."




On-going recruitments :

> An Export Sales-Engineer based in Albi   

> A R&D manager based in Albi

> A technician (for customer service) France / Export             
> A Sales Manager for Baltic countries
> A Salesman for Central Europe
> A technician (for customer service) for Central Europe         



CONGRES ADF - Paris (France)

28 november-02 december 2017


TECH INDUSTRY – Riga (Lettonie)

30 november-02 december 2017

Hall 2 Booth B11


C!PRINT - Lyon (France)

06 - 08 february 2018



JEC WORLD – Paris (France)

06 - 08 march 2018



27 - 30 march 2018


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