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and solutions.

3 divisions, one ultimate goal :
MÉCANUMÉRIC's  values at the heart of a new corporate video

Humans,  technologies and solutions : 3 words to describe MÉCANUMÉRIC’s DNA. Strong values at the center of the new presentation video of the company...


MÉCANUMÉRIC is constantly innovating in its three activity sectors :
Industry, Dental and Education.
New products, new options, new partnerships… discover all the latest novelties in the last weeks.


The first MECAJET II in construction



Presented last October for the first time during the SIANE exhibition, the new MECANUMERIC water jet cutting machine with very high pressure, called MECAJET II, has already won over two companies...




End signal on the ADF annual congress



MÉCANUMÉRIC was attending the most important yearly meeting for the dental surgeons with its  CHARLYDENTAL product range. The CD05 and Microlab 4+ milling machines were shown on the stand of the Nobilium laboratories...



The lycée Marcellin Berthelot acquired a thermoforming machine

The thermoforming solutions offered by MÉCANUMÉRIC are adapted to the industry sector but also to the training sector. Evidence for this is the sale of a thermoforming machine to the Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Brittany Regional Council)...


Realization of a dental frame

Dry machining of a dental frame in PEEK with the CHARLYDENTAL CD05 : this material, biocompatible and lighter than the metal prosthesis, provides the patients a significant comfort.


A first successful participation to the Tech Industry exhibition

For the first time, MÉCANUMÉRIC exhibited on the Tech Industry fair in Riga, Latvia, from 30 November to 02 last December. The company participated to this second exhibition in the Baltic States in 2017, after its participation to the Balttechnika fair in Lituania, last May.


The main actors of the machine-tool market were attending the show, as well as many Baltic and Scandinavian companies. Several contacts have been initiated and an important order has been signed with a company specialized in ventilation system.


We must consequently continue the development policy  started on these zones with the future creation of a MÉCANUMÉRIC subsidiary for which a first technician was recently hired. Upon arrival, he was present on the Tech Industry show. We actually provide him an in-house training at the head office of the company and very soon a sales manager will join him.

Design and manufacturing of a MECAPLUS of more 21 meters in length

21 meters long for 5 meters wide : these are the exceptional dimensions (non-standard) of the MECAPLUS machine being manufactured in the MÉCANUMÉRIC premises.


Originally, the customer was faced with problems and needed a machine suitable for cutting sandwich panels made of various materials (alu, wood, foam…) and very long lengths.


MÉCANUMÉRIC was able to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering a unique solution and completely customized machine. This machine will be delivered at the beginning of 2018, and will be intended for cutting materials for the manufacture of swap-bodies for semi-trailers and refrigerated cars.


Audrius BUTKEVICIUS - RD SIGNS (Littuanie)
(owns three MECAPRO : one MECAPRO 3020, one MECAPRO 3015 and one MECAPRO 4020)


"We bought our first MECAPRO in 2007 and it has allowed us to progress quickly in our signing activity. Our export sales volume has increased, and a second machine has become essential : we trusted MÉCANUMÉRIC again because we were very satisfied : quality product, efficient customer service, easy-to-use software... 

In 2015 we doubled our workshop surface to 3000m2 : we bought our third MECAPRO. Thank you to MÉCANUMÉRIC for this successful partership : qualitative equipment, good tools and efficient technical support."

Christophe CHIRON - MATEDUC Composites

(owns four milling machine : MECAEASY 1510, DMC 600, MECAEASY 3015 and MECAPRO 4020)


"We chose to work with MÉCANUMÉRIC because it's one of the rare french manufacturer of CNC machine : after-sales service and installation are often more efficient in that case.
We used to work with CHARLYROBOT machine in the past, brand that has been bought by MÉCANUMÉRIC a few years ago.

"We like the reliability and the design of the machine : just what is necessary with simple and easy-to-use interface."





On-going recruitments :

> An Export Sales-Engineer based in Albi   

> A R&D manager based in Albi

> A technician (for customer service) France / Export             
> A Sales Manager for Baltic countries
> A Salesman for Central Europe
> A technician (for customer service) for Central Europe         



C!PRINT - Lyon (France)

06 - 08 february 2018



JEC WORLD – Paris (France)

06 - 08 march 2018



27 - 30 march 2018


100% integrated
Z.A. de Fonlabour - 81036 Albi Cedex 9 - FRANCE
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